passions,crushes,crazes and obsessions……

okay so yea.. its my first blog..

I always wanted to write my own blog, but for lack of time, I never did, until now. This week I decided to start my blog, and found myself with a quite interesting challenge, what to write about on my first blog post? After gathering some ideas, i fished out my journal and pen and started to write. But, like every starter i  stared at that first page for hours, wondering exactly what i should write. Then suddenly, something striked my mind..

Day before yesterday, when i was switching channels in order to  decrease my boredom. Something caught  my attention. It was a reality show in which they were  asking  some  people about their obsessions and crazes and how far they can go for them. No matter how far cry it may seems to be..

So then, i decided to make it the topic of my first blog..

well before i muddle this topic even more.. I want to tell you guys mine obsession first .. well well well- my obsession…… My obsession is music and it seems to be my forever obsession because since my childhood the only thing which ever fancied me was music.. Well in whole, i got considerably good voice(well my sis thinks that my high notes are a li’l high pitched so yea whatever :P) and i adore guitars.. Though i haven’t started my training for guitars yet  but i will be doing that too very soon inshAllah 🙂

okay so coming to the point, i am a bath room singer in reality.. i think if some music directors wants to check my vocal efficiency, he must stand outside my washroom and listen because when i ever sing there my notes and breath becomes pretty on place for which i have to struggle a lot during my normal routine..

and yes, i had read some where that all professional singers are bathroom singers first so that’s why i m pretty sure that one day i will be among them too ! ( its good to  live in fantasies some time.. isn’t it? 🙂  ).

so that’s all my craze today. See you next time. Till then, stay blessed and enjoy your obsessions… cheers!! 😀


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