Ten Type Of Students Every One Meets At High School :)

Imagine how boring and besotted our school life would have been, if there wasn’t any one to crack a joke during our dull  history class (:D) no one to gossip about 😉 and no one on whom prank can be played 😀 Well after spending ten years of my school life, I have concluded that everybody must have met one of the  following kind of student in their lives  and surely our school life would definitely not have been so interesting if there weren’t any of these weird class mates in our lives. 😀
So here we go :
1.The obsessed one:
This is one of the most common type of students (mostly females) 😀 . They are always dreaming about their crush and their only goal in life is to go on a long drive with Justin Beiber or to have a dream dinner Date with Zayn Malik. (Whoaa) 😛

2.The back benchers:
okay so yea. I  have to admit that these students are a real sport. They are dumb in studies but duly perform their duty for entertaining the class. Though they are not the apple of every teacher’s eye but they are adored by every student in class 🙂

3.The most popular one:
okay so now every one should agree with me that this is one of the most annoying type of student which( I think) everyone comes across at least once. (well my luck is very special in this case because as much as I dislike these kind of students, more I came across with them!). They are always followed by a bunch of followers and every one adores them. They are so loud to attract any  attention and are never single!

4.  The Nerd one:
These are the students with big frames and are mostly surrounded by books. Their only interest is the recent assignment given by mathematics Teacher and they are always the one who reminds teacher about home work. They receive certificate of most regular student (well I can never understand how these book worms manage to come to school every day. Like  there is  no happiness, miseries or tensions in their lives :o)and teachers go almost nuts while praising their capabilities.. But unfortunately they are disliked by most students. (how some one can like these boring creatures?) 😀

5. The Rebels:
Well this is the true kind of teens..They always do from what they are supposed to be prohibited. They would wear exactly that kind of clothes from which their parents get offended. They would come school late just to annoy their teachers. They are a marvel at every thing but screwed in studies.

6.The mommy and daddy one:
They are the exact opposite of rebels.. They sleep at ten in night, goes for jog and brush their teeth twice a day. They are completely under influence of their parents and need their help even for the smallest decisions in their lives. They are extremely shy and seems to be far cry even from the thought of puberty!

7. Teachers Pet:
Okay so I think that this is one of the most irritating class of students. They always nod upon what ever teacher says and are practically teacher’s lap dog!. These pets are “the most favourite” student of their teachers
and mostly they are assigned as prefects or monitor as highest display of favour from their teachers.. (whoaa)…
8.  The Love Birds:
okay so this is one of the most interesting kind of high school students! . There are always two love birds in every class, lost in each other and want to spend each and every moment of their life together. (*whistles*).. 😀

9. The Gossipers:
Every time when love birds are born, this class is automatically created.. especially in a society like ours where every one is interested in other’s matter(no matter how bad they are by themselves) gossipers are a must sort of group in every class. They are always spying and looking into other’s personal affairs and update the rest of the world by love birds’ recent activities (pretty lame creatures :p)
10. The All Rounders:
well this is the best kind of students. These students are awesome in studies and a marvel in extra curricular activities.. They are really genious and answer back the teacher even before average student can complete their thinking process. All rounders are all teachers’ eye candy and their classmates are impressed by them.. They are famous among all batchmates and everyone wants to be friend with them.. 🙂

so what kind of students you have been and what class you hated most? Keep wrecking your mind whilst I meet you in my next blog.. Cheers 😀


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