The Hunger Mania…

First of all I want to give kind of acknowledgement to my sisters,  mama and finally my dear friends who appreciated my very first write-up on social media.. Thanks a ton guys 🙂

Well coming to the point, This blog is dedicated to my recent favs “The Hunger Games Trilogy” and “The Hunger Games Movie”.  Well i’I’ll admit it, I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins because my sis did and she forced me to read it,(so all credit goes to you big sis :D). Actually at first I thought that this book is all about action and violence (when i read it’s preview) and rejected it in a blink.. But when I started reading it , I truly became ” addictive” to it. Well  I can certainly see why  I was glued to this prose. The novel struck many chords and themes of  action, struggle, misery, romance , rebel and constant suspense which makes  it impossible for the reader to kept himself away from turning page after page.

Though the love triangle was cliche and ending was bit disappointing, but  in whole, Its a must read..

Now,  the movie….

Well after reading this series, what I expected from the movie didn’t match  my expectations.  I don’t know what really disappointed me about this movie, but I know  three points:

1) The concept of this movie is hardly the original one. Many changes had been  made in the story line which couldn’t satisfy  me at all

2). Watching  Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark was the worst factor of movie.

3)  Climax was a total mess.

(The only good part of the movie was Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthrone !  😉  :D)

And  yes, One thing  that  I loved about Hunger Games was the female power. As being utterly feminist, I loved Katniss Everdeen (the main lead) who was strong, courageous and brave and not like the usual sympathetic, meager weakling as females are always portrayed.

Well at the end, I want to conclude by saying that if you haven’t read Hunger Games by now, Then just go and grab it because its a must read…. Enjoy!!! 😀


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