Top Shopping Mistakes To avoid On This Eid….

Eid is around the corner and here I share with you some of my shopping do’s and don’ts.. To reveal more, Read more!

Five Top Listed Shopping Mistakes And Their Solutions:

1. Before going on shopping, prepare your mind:  Usually when we go on our shopping journey, we are confused by ( almost) hundreds of brands pounding on our heads. Thousands of extra embellishments and enormous range of designs which makes really difficult for us to choose what to buy. Well, to solve this tricky problem, Draft a  shopping plan and try to act according to it. Like selecting brand first, then fabric, then your favorite cuts and finally the color which suits you best!.. Honestly this drafting thing works a lot as it help you to save your time and makes you able to conserve your energy! (which you need most in Ramadan!! )..

2. Avoid unrealistic styles: It is one of the most important step of your shopping expedition. Your dress style should be selected according to your circumstances. While it may look cute in a magazine or on the run way,  but (honestly) wearing top embroidery or sweeping shirts that works as broom sticks  when you walk(not to mention trail shirts that looks as if you are walking around with wedding train!) looks really pathetic!! .Try to buy those styles that are “practical” and can easily be worn by you no matter if  you are working in kitchen or serving your guests.

3.Never Go For Bill Boards: Seriously this is a colossal mistake which I think almost every one has committed once in their life. For example If you are choosing a dress with palazzo pants  (Dhaka Pajama)  and long shirt with pointed corners. Then watch out!. May be that style looks baggy on you or may be you just don’t fit right in it. Never ever go for posters and advertisements as these camera dolls always look pretty no matter what ever they wear ( so lucky 🙂 ). You should try it on your own and if possible ask some one else to go with you on shopping so that they can tell you if that looks good on you or not.

4. Choosing Right Color:  Select color that suits you most. Try to buy according to your skin tone and for heaven sake please don’t buy English shades(like peach ,grape green and those material who have their own shine) as it looks ridiculous on us, (The Asians)..

5. Buying suitable Make up  : Just when you find an outfit really pretty and it suits your all demands. Then its time to opt for your makeup. Again I would say, never go for make up commercials and try those products on your own skin. As being teenagers, we should not over do our faces by applying large amount of make up which would not only steal your natural kiddish looks (Its better to look of your age.don’t ya think that) but also makes skin rough and harsh. A compact powder, a concealer,a face powder (if necessary), light blushes and a lip balm or colored lip gloss with some funky nail paints would make your personality appealing and your make up will not look made up.. 🙂 seriously!!

5. Choosing Right Shoes: Shoes are very important for us as they not only personifies are attire but right shoes also makes us able to walk as much as we want without any problem and allow us to do all usual eid chores. choosing right shoe is very important. Again i would say never go for commercials and select on your own. According to research, those females who walk more in heels have more spinal dis-orders.. So there are two things that you should take care of:

1. if your dress is long and droppy and you have got average height then you should go for heels. In fact peep- toes are a better  option as they have got heel as well as they are comfortable to walk in(I bought a pair of peep toes for myself this eid and trust me, it works! )

2. if you are tall then it would be better to buy some flats or block heels would look perfect on you..

Last but not the least try to spend according to your budget and if you have restricted your self to three dresses, then don’t buy that fourth dress. No matter how “beautiful” and “economical” it looks to you..

So that’s all my suggestions today. Hope you like this post and found it of some use! Stay blessed and remember me in your prayers..

Love and Respect

rab rakha 🙂

p.s: Eid mubarak to all of my blogger friends in advance :)… Have a good one.. 😀 🙂

p.p.s: Don’t forget to comment.. Your feed back would be appreciated.. 🙂


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