Blog Challenge… My Awkward moment ;)

After publishing my first four blogs, I was suddenly caught in the storm of  praises and ovation when ever I went among my friends. But this fog of fame was immediately cleared by one of my Bff, as one day i was ” informed” by her  that writing blogs was the easiest job and especially the kind of blog I wrote were like stealing candy(which is obviously not true! ) and if  I was a real blogger, I should accept her challenge!. Though she wiped my all hard work in just a flick of time but still  I accepted her challenge.. She further said that writing on your obsessions and on your likes is very easy but to write on something what you never ever thought to even  share it with some one else  was the real challenge.

Believe it or not, I accepted that awful task!  and decided to write on one of  the most embarrassing moment of my life (still a night mare!)

Now this blog challenge made me quivered as I kept thinking of all of the different embarrassing moments in my life. How would I pick one and more importantly, why should I put this topic on the internet? However, this is a blog challenge and challenges are meant to make you think and make you do tough things. So, I am going to jump in with both feet and tell you about one of my most embarrassing moments!

It was  more like an embarrassing day for me, to be honest.. When I was eleven,once i went for shopping  for my cousin’s wedding with my mum and as we were walking along the road looking for some formal shoes, my mum said something to me and I got totally distracted, and by the time she said, “Watch out!” I looked forward and collided face-first with a concrete sign board with a loud” tann” sound. I felt that I was going to be faint then (But thanks God I did not faint or else it would be the most terrible moment of my life!) . When I went back after this ” Great Collision”, everyone else on the road was staring at me like I had got three heads or something. It was so mortifying (and painful) experience of my life which I think I would never ever forget!


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