My Diseased Journey!

Hey buddies! Yes i am back and things are good. Though I was not blogging for three weeks as I had jaundice (a freaki’n disease in which you just  become yellow 🙂 ) But now I am back and gonna tell you guys about my diseased journey! You might be thinking that I have gone crazy with my suffering and now gonna bore you with my ailment and cure. But trust me I have got nothing else in my mind to  write upon , so now all my readers.. You have to tolerate! At beginning, I had fever and nausea. But when my temperature was not been down even after five days, my mum took me to the specialist. But that’s another story. He just wasn’t  a normal specialist but a CHILD SPECIALIST and other patients who were with me were infants or five year old kids! To be honest, it was mortifying and quite loathsome too but I some how managed that embarrassment and got myself out from that place. Now i was supposed to be healthy again but my luck! the medicine which I was given by that doctor made my condition even worse. I started having serious nausea and was vomiting after every time I took something in. That resulted in making my parents believe that I should take an injection for my nausea .  I was paralyzed at first when I heard about that  but when I had no other choice left  I had to take that  😦 Well after facing this long and boring disease, I am on a strict diet now(as suggested by my doctor) and cannot eat anything which have oil (simply anything junk fattening and good :P). Now a days, I’m having craving for pizza and desperately want to eat it (seriously!) Any ways I hope I’ll be well sooner and will taste my all long forgotten junk meals 🙂 What? you want to comment? Then feel free and express what you thought about this write up.. Till then bbye 🙂


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