Exams…aka time to become nerdy cool ;)

okay so yea.. I know that I shouldn’t be blogging  this time, but i just can’t let myself apart from my social journal! Its my mid term examination now a days and I am super exhausted, studying like a maniac and can’t allow myself even for the slightest entertainment.. Finally, when I got tired from that daily grind, I dumped my books and started writing once again!

To be honest, I haven’t studied a single word for my exams in advance as I had been ill in the month before *sob*sob*.Truth be told, my sickness has nothing to do with my exams because its actually a  kind of problem with me that I start my studies   with lot of zeal and end up with books lying on my face! ..Actually, when I study,even staring at blank becomes interesting to me! So when I got my date sheet, I started studying like anything because there was only week left for the EXAMS 😀

Now you must be thinking if i am doing well in exams or not. well that’s a question that everyone asks me every time I am having tests to which I always answer “what I believe, yes.. But lets see how teachers gonna deal with my papers 😛

One thing which I can never understand during exams are my classmates.. To those with which I even never had a decent conversation calls me in exam in a way like we have been friends from ages and its my duty to help them.. But whenever I need any help, there would be obviously no one to help me..  :/

One thing I must tell you … Wait a minute! .. Is that my mum calling? Then It would be better for me to start studying again or else my mom gonna kick my ass  and fling me to study again! So till then bye 🙂


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