The ‘I’ of the Storm

Last week there was a debate competition in my school. Though I stood second in that competition but no debater could have a tougher grounding then standing up and talking in front of the brain-dead teenagers. To say they were slow to response would’nt suggest any thing whatsoever. Explaining media as a leading cause of violence to my fellow mates was exactly like explaining quantum physics to a bowl of goldfish,except at least fishes close their mouths, occasionally.

When it was the final competition day, due to cliche jealousy, every participator for this competition was being absurdly rude and that was’nt something macabre for me as I have been  experienced in these kinds of situations for several years. I kinda know general psychologies and jealousies. When I had given my debate and was coming down after wards, My feet were completely in tangled with the wire of mic and in result of detangling it, I tangled it even more :D.. After 2 to 3 minutes I got myself away from that detention and came down from stage by tripping on stairs. 😀 (Thank God it was those back stairs or else I would have been really embarrassed!)

After all those mishaps, when result  was announced and I got the prize, suddenly everything in my class was centered round me.I was the’ I’ of the storm. There was a fairly predictable sensation that develops when everyone starts to behave as if you’r really important. But I know that all this mess is just a mist.This award doesn’t matter.It doesn’t matter at all. Actual award that I achieved, are my friends. After God,they had  always supported me and increased my self trust. They would have definitely cheered me up the way they do now, even If I hadn’t got the prize.. 🙂 So yea three cheers for my victory and for my bestest ever friends :D…hip hip hooray!! 😀












3 thoughts on “The ‘I’ of the Storm

  1. congratulations Sahrish 😀 i hope success follows ur way.. and ur personality has a good impact on everyone always so it will never matter whether u lose or win, u will always be everyone’s friend 😀 atleast mine….

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