I remember it was 15th of Ramadan and I was lying lazily on a couch in front of my television surfing from one channel to another. It was 4 o’clock in the noon and I saw the entire Ramadan transmission for the first time and decided never to watch it again.the reasons are endless. Either its about the ‘seasonal treat’ we get from familiar faces on our TV screens literally every year  or mind numbing Naats (I know I am up for criticism on this but one thing is for sure we all love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) more than our parents; his love is a part of our Eeman. But one should be extremely careful in choosing Naats as some have extremely exaggerated meaning which can be categorized in to blasphemy) or the unhealthy trend of distribution of  lawns, mobiles, motorcycles and what-nots. Its such a pain to see our fellow Pakistanis cat fighting over these prizes. It is disgusting to see elderly people imitating a snake or young adults gulping down fruits for such stupid reasons. (Again its the producers who are making such stupid shows for the people who are willing to watch such stupidity. Nothing could stand against those shows when people themselves are ready to sell their self respect for a bike). When you just got over from these painful syndromes and suddenly you are shaken by ‘light light refreshing…Qarshi Jam-e-Shireen’ or any other jingle.  Come on producers, we know how much are ads important for you but at least don’t stuff us with this unnecessary music at these crucial times?

Hmm…let’s see who remains…Oh yes, how can we forget? Our very own, ‘Jack of all channels’, the generous, the unmatched, the intellectual, Our Seasonal Molvis !!! (The people who are so engulfed in their pheni bowls in sehri time that they couldn’t concentrate on what question was just asked ) Instead of focusing on how peaceful and beautiful our religion is they just keep repaeating the dos and donts of each fiqah. *SIGH*

Ramadan is a month of worship and not an excuse for commercialism. Instead of indulging in absurd prize races indulge yourself in reciting Quran Pak. Put an end to Shia Sunni Barelvi superfluous divisions and follow one Islam. That’s what our God wants from us and this is the true essence of Ramadan. :’)

Ramadan Kareem Everyone !


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