Chasing The Unfathomable

A girl with a considerably good brain in our society is bound to become a doctor. After passing 12th grade, we all are in a cat race of becoming something.To choose the right university(Actually any good university choosing us to be precise), right career opportunities,Marriage, kids,their education. This life seems to be an unfathomable chase of nothing and after living an 80 or something long life-realizing this is not the way we have planned to live at all.

What happens to the curiosity in a 5 year old kid whose eyes sparkle by looking at all the marvels of the universe unreeling in front of him?

Maybe because life happened to them

It means there’s something definitely wrong with our society. From peer pressures to the general expectations bounded to our kids there are lots of children but less childhood. Suicides rates are increasing. People choosing death over studies.

There must be something wrong. A loophole that is being ignored for so long. A misdeed that is so common that is not even considered a mistake. There’s a difference in knowing the path and walking the path- A difference that many never understand.

So what is the solution? Can we let our kids get swarmed up into the endless chaos of being something or giving them the right to live the way they want to? Wouldn’t it be great if kids of impressionable age our given confidence enough to look into the eyes and say “Yes I have chosen to be an Artist/Musician/chef. Yes I don’t earn equal to what your Engineer son earns. But I am happy. Isn’t this enough?”

Life is short and things are unpredictable. What we think right now cannot be even regarded as an option afterwards. Time changes,Things changes and sometimes even we too. That is why Whatever you think,say it now, whatever you want, go for it.The time is always right to do what is right. Approach it,travel,explore,live the moment.Anxieties and tensions are nothing but a monster that drags you into a black hole. Don’t let that Monster engulf you.Die with memories and not regrets. Keep that five year old alive. Magic lies within you. Don’t let the world fool you-because the pen that writes your life story, must be held in your own hands.



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