The ‘I’ of the Storm

Last week there was a debate competition in my school. Though I stood second in that competition but no debater could have a tougher grounding then standing up and talking in front of the brain-dead teenagers. To say they were slow to response would’nt suggest any thing whatsoever. Explaining media as a leading cause of violence to my fellow mates was exactly like explaining quantum physics to a bowl of goldfish,except at least fishes close their mouths, occasionally.

When it was the final competition day, due to cliche jealousy, every participator for this competition was being absurdly rude and that was’nt something macabre for me as I have been  experienced in these kinds of situations for several years. I kinda know general psychologies and jealousies. When I had given my debate and was coming down after wards, My feet were completely in tangled with the wire of mic and in result of detangling it, I tangled it even more :D.. After 2 to 3 minutes I got myself away from that detention and came down from stage by tripping on stairs. 😀 (Thank God it was those back stairs or else I would have been really embarrassed!)

After all those mishaps, when result  was announced and I got the prize, suddenly everything in my class was centered round me.I was the’ I’ of the storm. There was a fairly predictable sensation that develops when everyone starts to behave as if you’r really important. But I know that all this mess is just a mist.This award doesn’t matter.It doesn’t matter at all. Actual award that I achieved, are my friends. After God,they had  always supported me and increased my self trust. They would have definitely cheered me up the way they do now, even If I hadn’t got the prize.. 🙂 So yea three cheers for my victory and for my bestest ever friends :D…hip hip hooray!! 😀












so pumpin’ up the party now

Get up
Get loud
Start pumpin’ up the party now

My Sundays are always snoozy and lazy where I just lie on my couch and watch hundred times watched movie again or else studying for my forth  coming exams.. Life was asusual dull and boring  until I plugged in my ear phones and started listening to a seven thousandth times heard song (So pumpin’ up the party now) by my fav teen figure Miley cyrus. Its wild, catchy, teentastic (aka a total teen thing!) and definitely not any of that I have realized before! and It suddenly switched my mood from low to super high!

It’s the same old, same grind
But we don’t feel we’re wasting time

That suddenly reminded me of our school life that looks so life-less and boring yet the best part of our lives! Albeit waking up early and going for studies on every single day feels dreadful but Playing pranks, making secret nicknames for teachers and discussing school gossips *(whoo)* makes it wonderful! (Aah.. what life)

They can’t
We can
Parents might not understand
Having fun without a plan
But that’s what we do

Well thats just so true! Parents will might never understand what fun is it to go on hangouts with our buddies and having endless laughs on silly jokes with our friends! I swear my life would never have been so good if I had not been blessed by such wonderful unbiological siblings!

So are you being bored? stressed? want some fun? Then plugin your ipod and listen to some of your old forgotten song. May be that would cheer you up! 😀 Enjoy!!

Healing Betrayals

 “An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”                 

Dealing with betrayals is never an easy job especially when the betrayer is your close friend..You might be thinking what happened to my usual jovial mood so to be honest I have been facing treacheries and friend betrayal since first grade. But even that’s not a reason for me to write this blog. It is because I have recently faced same kind of situation for I think twentieth time.

Everyone of us had faced same kind of problem under different circumstances.So, what do you do when you come to know that you have been betrayed? The natural reactions would obviously be anger,depression and revenge. You will hate yourself for trusting someone who even didn’t deserve that.. But these revengeful thought would only make it difficult for you to let them out of your life and move on. The trick is to let go and move forward. Though it seems difficult and frightening at first but after sometime you would realize that how fruitful it was for you to move on because crying over spill milk never rewards.

If you still want to continue your friendship then do it with sensibility.First talk to your friend and tell them how their behavior hurt you and you don’t want them to repeat their mistake again.Albeit its not a perfect idea but it would help you to save your relation.

Betrayal,love, merriness and miseries are another name for life. Every soul on this planet had been hurt once..So instead of letting yourself down and dreading for your mistake to trust some one wrong. Leave those betrayers and move away. Never lose hope for betterment cauz you never know what future might holds for you!

Exams…aka time to become nerdy cool ;)

okay so yea.. I know that I shouldn’t be blogging  this time, but i just can’t let myself apart from my social journal! Its my mid term examination now a days and I am super exhausted, studying like a maniac and can’t allow myself even for the slightest entertainment.. Finally, when I got tired from that daily grind, I dumped my books and started writing once again!

To be honest, I haven’t studied a single word for my exams in advance as I had been ill in the month before *sob*sob*.Truth be told, my sickness has nothing to do with my exams because its actually a  kind of problem with me that I start my studies   with lot of zeal and end up with books lying on my face! ..Actually, when I study,even staring at blank becomes interesting to me! So when I got my date sheet, I started studying like anything because there was only week left for the EXAMS 😀

Now you must be thinking if i am doing well in exams or not. well that’s a question that everyone asks me every time I am having tests to which I always answer “what I believe, yes.. But lets see how teachers gonna deal with my papers 😛

One thing which I can never understand during exams are my classmates.. To those with which I even never had a decent conversation calls me in exam in a way like we have been friends from ages and its my duty to help them.. But whenever I need any help, there would be obviously no one to help me..  :/

One thing I must tell you … Wait a minute! .. Is that my mum calling? Then It would be better for me to start studying again or else my mom gonna kick my ass  and fling me to study again! So till then bye 🙂

My Diseased Journey!

Hey buddies! Yes i am back and things are good. Though I was not blogging for three weeks as I had jaundice (a freaki’n disease in which you just  become yellow 🙂 ) But now I am back and gonna tell you guys about my diseased journey! You might be thinking that I have gone crazy with my suffering and now gonna bore you with my ailment and cure. But trust me I have got nothing else in my mind to  write upon , so now all my readers.. You have to tolerate! At beginning, I had fever and nausea. But when my temperature was not been down even after five days, my mum took me to the specialist. But that’s another story. He just wasn’t  a normal specialist but a CHILD SPECIALIST and other patients who were with me were infants or five year old kids! To be honest, it was mortifying and quite loathsome too but I some how managed that embarrassment and got myself out from that place. Now i was supposed to be healthy again but my luck! the medicine which I was given by that doctor made my condition even worse. I started having serious nausea and was vomiting after every time I took something in. That resulted in making my parents believe that I should take an injection for my nausea .  I was paralyzed at first when I heard about that  but when I had no other choice left  I had to take that  😦 Well after facing this long and boring disease, I am on a strict diet now(as suggested by my doctor) and cannot eat anything which have oil (simply anything junk fattening and good :P). Now a days, I’m having craving for pizza and desperately want to eat it (seriously!) Any ways I hope I’ll be well sooner and will taste my all long forgotten junk meals 🙂 What? you want to comment? Then feel free and express what you thought about this write up.. Till then bbye 🙂

Blog Challenge… My Awkward moment ;)

After publishing my first four blogs, I was suddenly caught in the storm of  praises and ovation when ever I went among my friends. But this fog of fame was immediately cleared by one of my Bff, as one day i was ” informed” by her  that writing blogs was the easiest job and especially the kind of blog I wrote were like stealing candy(which is obviously not true! ) and if  I was a real blogger, I should accept her challenge!. Though she wiped my all hard work in just a flick of time but still  I accepted her challenge.. She further said that writing on your obsessions and on your likes is very easy but to write on something what you never ever thought to even  share it with some one else  was the real challenge.

Believe it or not, I accepted that awful task!  and decided to write on one of  the most embarrassing moment of my life (still a night mare!)

Now this blog challenge made me quivered as I kept thinking of all of the different embarrassing moments in my life. How would I pick one and more importantly, why should I put this topic on the internet? However, this is a blog challenge and challenges are meant to make you think and make you do tough things. So, I am going to jump in with both feet and tell you about one of my most embarrassing moments!

It was  more like an embarrassing day for me, to be honest.. When I was eleven,once i went for shopping  for my cousin’s wedding with my mum and as we were walking along the road looking for some formal shoes, my mum said something to me and I got totally distracted, and by the time she said, “Watch out!” I looked forward and collided face-first with a concrete sign board with a loud” tann” sound. I felt that I was going to be faint then (But thanks God I did not faint or else it would be the most terrible moment of my life!) . When I went back after this ” Great Collision”, everyone else on the road was staring at me like I had got three heads or something. It was so mortifying (and painful) experience of my life which I think I would never ever forget!