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Blogging after four months? Like seriously? It wold have been a nightmare if someone had told me  at the time I started writing. But that’s true, it is exactly that happened to me. Besides- that’s what life is all about. You don’t know what future might be holding for you. Either good or bad, but definitely in your favor.

So from where to start? There have been thousands of events in previous months and recapitulating all of them will be impossible.So there are some glimpse of the events which took place in recent past 🙂

Most importantly there have been my exams – Tough long hard and yea quite boring :/ But now I am done with them so yea whatever :p

“Good byes are always hard”. I really didnt know the meaning of this phrase till I bade farewell to my school. Ten years of school life…. Actually thirteen years (as I have been there since nursery). It was very hard and emotional for me to leave the place where I had spent such a long elapse of time. But as its said that life is like a book where thousands of chapter are unread and every page offers you a new experience so I hope same with my future!

What march reminds you? Probably  Spring roses exams and a national holiday ; but for me there’s one more thing: Its my hatch month 😀 and this time it was more important as it was my sixteenth birthday – SWEET SIXTEENTH ONE 😀 (and whilst being a li’l show off I actually got eighteen presents on my birthday 😛 *Touch wood*) 😀

Well that’s all for this time as not writing for four months habit has coerced me to brainstorm my mind 😀 So have a good time while I  am contemplating for my next write up. Cheers!










Healing Betrayals

 “An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”                 

Dealing with betrayals is never an easy job especially when the betrayer is your close friend..You might be thinking what happened to my usual jovial mood so to be honest I have been facing treacheries and friend betrayal since first grade. But even that’s not a reason for me to write this blog. It is because I have recently faced same kind of situation for I think twentieth time.

Everyone of us had faced same kind of problem under different circumstances.So, what do you do when you come to know that you have been betrayed? The natural reactions would obviously be anger,depression and revenge. You will hate yourself for trusting someone who even didn’t deserve that.. But these revengeful thought would only make it difficult for you to let them out of your life and move on. The trick is to let go and move forward. Though it seems difficult and frightening at first but after sometime you would realize that how fruitful it was for you to move on because crying over spill milk never rewards.

If you still want to continue your friendship then do it with sensibility.First talk to your friend and tell them how their behavior hurt you and you don’t want them to repeat their mistake again.Albeit its not a perfect idea but it would help you to save your relation.

Betrayal,love, merriness and miseries are another name for life. Every soul on this planet had been hurt once..So instead of letting yourself down and dreading for your mistake to trust some one wrong. Leave those betrayers and move away. Never lose hope for betterment cauz you never know what future might holds for you!